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Naturopathic Functional Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors don’t simply prescribe pills to suppress symptoms. We aim to determine and address the root cause of your symptoms – this requires time to really listen, gather information and then run specific tests if needed.

Our treatment approach is science-based, and takes into consideration the interaction your history, nutrition, genetics, biochemical individuality, toxic exposure, lifestyle and stressors that can be causing illness. Patients often refer to us as “Health Detectives” for that reason!

Your personalized treatment plan is developed along with you, and may involve a nutritional protocol, targeted supplementation, herbal medicine and lifestyle medicine.

Testing and treatments for underlying causes of diseases and conditions in Halifax NS

Primary Care

We are happy to offer the services of a Nurse Practitioner for primary care needs, including ordering labs (blood work/swabs), diagnostic imaging, prescribing medications, making referrals, etc. Treatment is available for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, menopause management (HRT), women’s health”. Nurse Practitioners can also address urgent issues such as bladder infections, cold and flu symptoms, eye/ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, skin issues, urgent prescription renewals and more.

Fertility Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have been used for more than 5000 years to treat issues of female and male fertility and reproductive health.

Acupuncture and herbs help to nourish, support and strengthen Qi and vital fluids (including blood), as well as the internal organs. Using these natural fertility techniques, the possibility of conception is optimized. Recent clinical studies have demonstrated the power of this traditional medical system along with IVF fertility treatments.

TCM and acupuncture can help regulate hormones, improve blood and lymph circulation, regulate menses, assist with ovulation, regulate neurotransmitters, and reduce pain and stress, and more.

Facial REjunivation Acupunture

Our acupuncturists are also specially trained in facial rejuvenation, an alternative to Botox to help improve the collagen and appearance of the skin.

Also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture, it is a painless, non-surgical procedure that is effective in reducing the signs of aging. Hair-thin acupuncture needles are inserted in specific locations on the face, ears, neck, hands and feet based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After treatment a patient may notice some or all of the following:

• increased muscle tone and dermal contraction
• increased collagen production and its dispersal
• reduced bags under the eyes, and less tendency to sagging and jowls
• no puffiness
• no fine lines or frown lines, and less larger wrinkles
• controlled acne
• softer and tighter skin due to the increased circulation of blood and lymph to the face
• a radiant glow with more even colour
• a reduced double chin
• lifted eyelids that were once droopy
• a more relaxed and refreshed expression and beauty radiated from within

integrative cancer care

Dr. Ellen Conte ND focuses on integrative cancer care in her practice at Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre. Naturopathic medicine can support you before, during, and after cancer treatment. Therapies including nutrition, herbal medicine, mistletoe injections, and nutritional supplementation may help to reduce side effects of cancer treatments, enhance quality of life, support immune function, reduce inflammation, and reduce recurrence risk. Combining conventional cancer care with natural treatments is often referred to as integrative oncology.

FAQ for Naturopathic medicine and cancer care

How can naturopathic medicine support people with cancer?

Naturopathic treatments can be used to reduce side effects of cancer treatments (e.g chemotherapy, radiation therapy), improve quality of life, help reduce risk factors for cancer recurrences, and in some instances may be able to help you live longer. A consultation with a naturopathic doctor can also help you navigate complementary and alternative healthcare, which can be overwhelming and confusing.

Do I have to choose between naturopathic medicine and conventional hospital-based medicine?

No! Naturopathic therapies can be used before, during, and after your hospital treatments. An integrative approach to cancer is what I recommend in most instances, as natural therapies are not a cure for cancer and cannot replace conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapies, targeted therapies, and hormone therapies. Some people may choose to see a naturopathic doctor before or during their treatments, and others may wait until after to seek care.

Will I have to overhaul my diet and lifestyle? Will it involve expensive or invasive treatments?

Not usually. My goal is to use practical recommendations to help you achieve your objectives, while keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum. Elaborate treatment plans can sometimes create more stress and fear, which isn’t helpful. Treatment plans are made together with you, always keeping your goals in mind. As a result, they can range from simple to more complex depending on your goals, preferences, and health needs.

I already finished my cancer treatment, is it still worth it to see a naturopathic doctor?

This is a great time to address any lingering side effects (for example fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues), improving quality of life, reducing risk factors for cancer recurrence, and can also be a good time to work on health concerns that may have pre-dated cancer.

Counselling Therapy & Mindfulness Meditation

Clinical Social Worker, Jennifer van Kessel’s approach is guided by experience, empathy, and commitment to evidence based, best-practice standards. She is influenced by several models of therapy, including:

* Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
* Narrative Therapy
* Emotion Focussed Therapy For Individuals and Couples

She is committed to ongoing professional development and maintaining current standards of practice. She seeks learning opportunities, both formal and informal, on a continual basis as a part of her practice approach.

As a Clinical Social Worker, Jennifer is especially attuned to the importance of our relationships and roles with important others, families, communities, histories and identities. Social well-being is an important part of our overall well being.

As human beings, we shape and are shaped by our experiences with each other in many important ways. Sometimes our relationships can be confusing and difficult. But they also offer incredible sources of hope, resilience, health and joy.

Jennifer embraces values of equality, inclusion and diversity and practices from an anti-oppressive perspective.

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Our Medical Doctor provides therapeutic Botox/Dysport for a range of pain conditions including migraines and TMJ (jaw pain) as well as for cosmetic purposes.